Mar 30, 2013

10 tips for buying
used goods on the internet

let's see...amidst this barrage of information regarding thrifting, i covered my general tips on buying used goods. i also listed some obvious sources of vintage home decor...as well as some places that can be found around the neighborhood.

now, let's take a quick break from the sourcelist and review a few things i've learned about buying "used" on the internet:

Mar 28, 2013

25 sources for vintage home decor,
part two.

it turns out i have a lot to say about buying used! after giving you my general tips on thrifting and listing five obvious sources to find vintage items...i'm here with the second installment of:

Mar 27, 2013

watch for me on HGTV!

well, let me clarify:
not ME...but my gilded nightstand

in our february recap, i mentioned that HGTV contacted me about possibly using this picture i posted on instagram in their #lovehome campaign:
it's featured in a #lovehome commercial that started airing on tv this week!

you can see the video after the jump!

Mar 26, 2013

25 sources for vintage home decor,
part one.

now that i've shared my general tips on thrifting, let me tell you where to find some goodies for your home...

Mar 23, 2013

18 tips to get the most
out of thrifting!

until last year, i had no regular experience with buying vintage items. however, after purchasing a house, two cars, and saving for new windows -- i became interested in buying "used" out of necessity...and in the process, became addicted to the thrill of the find!

after giving some thrifting tips to jennifer at {pure and simple organizing}, i decided to expand on my thoughts -- based on my experiences -- in a full-on blogpost. it turns out i have a lot to say on the subject! i was forced to break up my post into at least four parts. i'm not done writing yet. it may turn into five parts.

first up:

these are my tips for thrifting in general: 
from goodwill...to garage sales...to grandma's basement.

Mar 21, 2013

gilded brick doorstop

<<< you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
hazards : fumes, sudden desire to gild everything
would i do it again? : yep!

Mar 19, 2013

go back in time...

if you keep up with me on instagram (@meandering_mari), you know i've been busy re-editing pictures on some of my more popular older posts. while i was poking about, i also clarified the instructions on a few of them. mainly, it was the horrendous photos that were bugging me though...and i was finally able to sit down and correct them. it's insane how much my photo-editing improved in just one year. not that it's the bee's knees now, but it's much better than it was.

check out the makeovers below!
...and if you don't remember what they looked like before?
that's just fine with me.

Mar 16, 2013

140 watercolor social media icons

update july 2014: these are currently not available for download. i am hoping to have them available again soon. thanks for your patience!

you read that right:
one hundred and forty! 
watercolor social media icons!

backstory: a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me for help putting social media icons on her blog. i was more than happy to oblige and started looking for a set that would mesh well with her aesthetic.

after browsing through so many options...
i started wanting a new set of icons as well!

...and i decided to experiment with my watercolor and gouache paints!

Mar 14, 2013

kiwi crate:
kids' crafts subscription kits!

if you've been reading this blog for any length of time,
you know i'm crazy about crafts. 

...and i love getting crafty with K as well! 

Mar 12, 2013

miniDIY: homemade playdough

remember how i volunteered to do the halloween party for K's preschool class? ...and then the valentine's day party? oh yes, and the st. patrick's day party coming up...eeps...

i was apparently feeling ambitious on sign-up day. i also volunteered to bring in homemade playdough for the kiddos several times this year.

i was making it for the fifth (sixth? seventh? hundredth?) time last weekend when it occurred to me: i should share the recipe in case any of you want to make playdough for your little ones.

Mar 9, 2013

repurposed floor grate
becomes washi tape storage

i've often dreamt of a day when my washi tape collection was this organized:

i can't believe the day has finally come.
it's perfect.

there's so many people i need to thank...

Mar 7, 2013

how to trick your toddler
into eating fruit

this whole saga started one day when i offered K some cantaloupe and he screamed "NOOOOOO!" in disgust.

here's the thing.

i bought a cantaloupe from the grocery store at his request.

i just spent ten minutes of my life cutting it up.

and he likes cantaloupe. 
i've witnessed him firsthand eating it. and smiling!

so...how to get around a persnickety preschooler palate??
i decided to trick my three-year-old into eating it.

Mar 4, 2013

an honest review:
flor carpet tiles in the entryway

this post is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with flor, inc. we purchased flor carpet tiles with our own money and i wanted to provide an account of our experience.

our entry area was crying out for help. with all the snow, ice, and water we've been tracking in, the dinky little rug (while cute) wasn't cutting it:

Mar 2, 2013

the easiest houseplant ever

in lieu of buying fresh flowers this week, i decided to try my hand at air plants.

don't they look like pineapple tops? i love their perkiness!

i chose a few of the most common variety, tillandsia.

Mar 1, 2013

february in review

aaaaaggghh, it's march!
march is spring!
spring is here!
don't mind all that snow outside...

before we dive headfirst into spring, i'm going to take a moment and recap what we did around here last month.